Re-Imagining How the Church can be the Church
In a Season of Recession

Our congregation is currently seeking ways to creatively and effectively minister to recession-oriented needs in our church and community. One of several initiatives being developed is a “Skills Bank.” The Skills Bank is a database which will catalogue all the various skills, abilities and talents within our congregation. By taking some time to complete this survey, you are helping your church become better organized to serve. Simply respond to the questions below, and drop this insert into the offering plate as it passes. If you need more time, you may also submit this form to the church office at your convenience.
For information on many types of assistance check out Central Florida Resources.

City, State, Zipcode: 
Phone - cell:                   Phone - business:        Phone - home  
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1.  Are you actively searching for employment? (check one) YES         NO 
     * If yes, would you be interested in free, one-on-one coaching/mentoring in resume development, interview-readiness and networking?  YES         NO 

2. Would you be interested in helping others who are in career transition?  YES         NO

3.  List your most current and/or relevant work related experiences and/or job titles:

4.  List any Professional Affiliations:

5.  List special training, skills or interests that are non-work related (i.e. carpentry, cooking, landscaping, etc...)